Web Application/Solutions

Using the latest technologies, we create applications based on our customer's needs. Nugtem has the experience to convert your business processes' into software aplications that will allow your business to perform with maximum efficiency.

Mobile Applications

Today we use mobile devices for everything in our lives like work, organization, etc. In Nugtem we develop mobile applications that will allow our customers to stay on track with their needs. We develop mobile applications for businesses, everyday life and any idea you need help developing!

Social Media Management

Part of the problem is that many businesses are not promoted in the best way and today social networks play an important role in our lives. That's why we offer a complete management of your social networks to keep your customers informed about what you are offering.

Websites And Ecommerce

Many people say that if your business is not on the internet is not exposed to grow. Would you like to have a modern website?, you have a product to offer but do not know how to make an online store?, think is very expensive?, Ask about our offers on Websites and Ecommerce.

Who we are?

Nugtem is a Puerto Rican company founded in 2013. Our goal is to help with the growth of small and local companies. We offer our best tools to help with their growth and productivity. In addition, Nugtem is dedicated on studying problems and processes present in our daily lives and to create new products that meet those needs.

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If you need help with a process, problem or you have an idea in mind that would develop. Contact Nugtem! We love business growth and we will do what is necessary to achieve that goal

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